Importance of issues
You now have the opportunity to indicate how important you consider the different issues. Select the '-' button to indicate that the issue is not that important to you, the '=' button for moderate importance, or the '+' button for great importance.
Welfare, family and health 
1. Maintenance of social programmes
2. Privatisation of healthcare services
3. State subsidies for crèches and child care
Migration and immigration 
4. Immigration policies towards skilled workers
5. Restrictiveness of immigration
6. Acceptance of culture by immigrants
Society, religion and culture 
7. Legal status of same sex marriages
8. Role of religious values in politics
9. Legal status of soft drugs
10. Legal status of euthanasia
Finances and taxes 
11. Reduction of government spending to lower taxes
12. EU tax-raising powers
13. Government bank bail-outs
Economy and work 
14. Workers' protection regulations
15. Subsidies to Europe's farmers
Environment, transport and energy 
16. Politics towards renewable sources of energy
17. Politics towards public transport and green taxes
18. Politics towards global warming
Law and order 
19. Status of civil liberties in fight against terrorism
20. Punishment of criminals
Foreign policy 
21. EU unity on foreign policy issues
22. European integration in security and defence
European integration 
23. Importance/relevance of European integration
24. Importance/relevance of EU membership
25. EU accession of Turkey
26. Role and powers of the European Parliament
27. Powers of individual member states in EU
28. Referendums for new European treaties
Country specific 
29. ID cards
30. Expansion of airports
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