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1) Preamble

The platform EU Profiler is a public and politically completely independent party profiling website accessible at: It aims to provide a service for voters for the European Parliament elections 2009 by providing transparency of party positions.
A consortium (subsequently named ‘The Provider’) made up of the European University Institute, or EUI (Florence), Kieskompas BV (Amsterdam) and NCCR Democracy/Politools network (Zurich) is launching the EU Profiler.
For these elections, the Florence-based European University Institute (EUI) is launching, in cooperation with the Amsterdam-based Kieskompas BV, and the Zurich-based NCCR Democracy/Politools network, the EU Profiler as a consortium (subsequently named ‘The Provider’).
EU Profiler is an online database for voters with political profiles of parties all around Europe based on 30 statements to relevant political issues.

2) Terms of use

1. General
The EU Profiler provides access to relevant political information for the electorate of the European Parliament Elections 2009. All information is protected by copyright.

2. Guarantee
Even if The Provider aims to have correct information at the time of publishing, a guarantee cannot be given regarding completeness, accuracy as regards content, actuality or reliability of the information. All rights are reserved to The Provider to select the integrated parties in the tool.

3. Offer and content third parties

Information and services offered by third parties on and on their own websites are the full responsibility of said third party.

The provider of the party-profiling platform does not assume liability for content or the correct functioning of foreign websites that are accessible through links from

References or links to websites of third parties are not the responsibility of The Provider. The use of such references or links entails the quitting of The Provider’s website and is undertaken at the user’s risk. The Provider has no influence whatsoever on the composition and the contents of linked websites. The provider does not endorse the content of the linked websites as its own. This declaration is valid for all third party websites and for all content of these websites.

4. Content changes
The provider explicitly reserves the right to change, amend, and delete part or the entire offer without prior announcement, or to discontinue the publication temporarily or definitely. Information and services of the party-profiling platform can be changed without announcement any time.

5. Access and misuse
The access to the information is partially protected free of charge through a user account. The user account also serves to improve the user-friendliness of the website as answers can be saved and changed at any time.
The generated data are protected according to the privacy legislation of The Netherlands (see article 3). Users are responsible for the secrecy of their own passwords and confidential account information. Delivery of the initial password is prosecuted by e-mail. Users are recommended to change their password in the user account options, immediately after registering. The provider does not take any responsibility for content that is registered by users (e.g. guest book) and reserves the right in case of incorrect information or misuse of any kind (especially in cases of violations against the penal code) by users, to delete or block these website contents without prior warning.

6. Intellectual or industrial property rights
All intellectual and industrial property rights to software, websites, databases, equipment or other materials developed or provided under the agreement, such as analyses, designs, documentation, reports, offers, as well as preparatory materials in that regard, shall be held solely by the provider EU Profiler consortium.

7. Disclaimer
In the case of legal claims independent of its legal ground, The Provider is only liable for grossly negligent and intentional, provoked damages which lie in his area of responsibility. For the damage of an authorised auxiliary person based on his/her work, the provider is not liable. The accountability for indirect and consequential damages – as far as legally permissible – is excluded. The provider takes no responsibility for mistakes outside its area of responsibility (notably for mistakes of provider of telecommunication services, hosting providers etc.). In particular, the provider cannot guarantee the accessibility of the information at any time.

8. Privacy
Personal data are treated confidentially and are appropriately protected from access by unauthorised persons. By feeding personal data in a contact form or by sending them in an e-mail, the user agrees to the principle of purpose limitation of these personal data. The Provider is sincerely concerned with the privacy of their users and follows the regulations according to the Dutch data protection legislation. The user is aware that with uncoded transmission via e-mail and internet the data can – via special equipment of third parties –be read along and even altered. Personal data which were not made freely accessible on the website are not given to any third parties. This is valid in particular for e-mail addresses, the place of living and the phone number. On EU Profiler no IP-address is stored in combination with answers. Obtained data will be rendered completely anonymous. Possible academic publications will only make use of the anonymous data. Data will be processed with the greatest concern. Data concerning individual users with identifiable data will not be reported nor published. Individual data will not be handed over to third parties.

3) Changes of the general terms of use

Changes of the general terms of use
The provider can change the general terms of use at any time. The changes are published online on The binding version at a time is visible and downloadable on

4) Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

Place of jurisdiction and applicable law
Exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes in the context of the use of is Amsterdam. Reserved stays deviant places of jurisdiction of the federal law. Substantive Dutch law is applicable.